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Latinas in Tech Silicon Valley Marketing & Communications Strategy

Company Overview

Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization with the mission to connect, support and empower Latina women working in technology. Latinas in Tech focuses on three key pillars: professional development, recruiting, and mentorship. Latinas in Tech Silicon Valley is a local chapter of the larger organization.

Project Background

As one of the leaders of the Silicon Valley chapter, I am also the marketing and communications lead. When I joined the leadership team, there were no Silicon Valley chapter-specific social media channels and therefore no visible way to communicate with and share resources with our community. The chapter was in need of a marketing, communications, and social media strategy, chapter-specific social channels, and ample content to communicate with the current community and attract new members and partners.


  • Messaging House

  • Content Pillars

  • Social Strategy

  • Social Assets & Copy


  • Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Content Creation


I developed the messaging house, content pillars, and marketing strategy for the Silicon Valley chapter of Latinas in Tech, including our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Slack). I launched all channels from scratch and built them from the ground up, focusing the content on three key themes of awareness, education, and building and strengthening the community. Our awareness posts focus heavily on our in-person and virtual events, including pre-event promotion, live coverage during the event, and post-event wrap-ups. Our education content is targeted toward Latinas either aspiring to work in tech or currently working in tech and covers various career tips, and our community posts highlight community members and resharing user-generated content.

I also manage our social media team and support with copywriting, copy editing, content creation, publishing, and community management.

Here are examples of organic social content for LinkedIn: a post-event wrap-up & an educational blog article on breaking into tech.

Two more examples of organic social posts promoting upcoming events to drive awareness for our target professional audience.

In this example, I worked with a designer and our existing style guide to create a completely new asset for a

year-end post visualizing data in an engaging way.

During 2022, I started implementing post-event surveys. We were able to tag every partner from our 2022 events in this post. This LinkedIn post generated a lot of engagement and visibility, and was a good way to show all the work we accomplished throughout the year.

The final version was well-received and posted across our LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

This post represents the revamped and future direction of the Latinas in Tech social style where more emphasis is placed on highlighting our community members through testimonials and other types of content.


The Silicon Valley chapter was able to build a significant social media following on all of our new organic channels and increase our engagement significantly, with nearly 1000 followers on LinkedIn, over 600 on Instagram, and over 100 members in our Facebook group. We saw a large uptick in posts tagging us from our community members, and our increased online presence and visibility also contributed to attracting numerous local tech companies who were eager to partner with us for future events.

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