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TomTom Developer Blog

Company Overview

TomTom is a location technology company that provides maps, digital cockpit solutions, navigation software, routing and ETAs, APIs, and traffic data to developers, drivers, businesses and governments around the world. As the leading independent geolocation technology specialist, TomTom is on a mission with their customers and partners to collect resources from around the globe to create the largest, richest geolocation database available to make fresh, accurate maps that help people find their way in the world.

Project Background

The TomTom developer blog is a key channel on the TomTom Developer Portal providing a variety of content to their developer audience, with a focus on technical tutorials on how to use TomTom’s Maps APIs and SDKs. The blog was launched in 2019 and was relatively successful, but the marketing team was looking to grow the channel with more robust content with the goal of utilizing the blog as not only an awareness channel, but for acquisition of new registered, active, and paid users as well.


  • Content pillars & strategy

  • Editorial calendar

  • 6-8 blog articles per month

  • Visual assets including hero images

  • KPIs

  • Measurement, tracking, and reporting monthly, quarterly, and yearly


  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Copy Editing

  • Copywriting


I came on board to manage the blog in 2020. From 2020-2022, I managed the TomTom Developer blog and all enterprise content for the corporate blog on, including the editorial calendar and planning and coordinating all articles from the ideation to publication stages. I worked closely with key stakeholders, including an external technical content agency, our internal graphic designer, and our marketing, product marketing, developer portal, web optimization, and engineering teams. 

With our blog content, we aimed to accomplish one of three main goals: build awareness and credibility around our maps and traffic data, educate leads on how they could use our products to support their fleet management, logistics, and on-demand platforms, and remove roadblocks leads may have faced when considering our solutions.

Through analyzing our reader analytics and combining that data with additional qualitative data from our users as well as our product focuses and target industry verticals, we ramped up our content and published 6-8 high-quality articles per month. We also promoted our blog through a monthly developer newsletter and our owned social media channels, as well as external channels.


I was able to increase the number of registrations that came directly from the developer blog by 178% over two years through optimizing the content with backlinks, images, meta tags, improved UX and UI, and incorporating quantitative and qualitative user data into our content decisions.

We also launched two always-on content series (the TomTom Mapmakers interviews and monthly content roundups) and promoted our articles through various marketing channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium,, Hashnode, and Hackernoon.

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