Case Study

Build with TomTom Social Media Campaign.

Company Overview:

TomTom is a location technology company that provides maps, digital cockpit solutions, navigation software, routing and ETAs, APIs, and traffic data to developers, drivers, businesses and governments around the world. As the leading independent geolocation technology specialist, TomTom is on a mission with their customers and partners to collect resources from around the globe to create the largest, richest geolocation database available to make fresh, accurate maps that help people find their way in the world.

Q1 2022

social media campaign


Project background

During a lull in events and new product releases due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TomTom Enterprise had a need for a steady stream of social media content. I developed an always-on social media campaign for their developer and enterprise audiences highlighting TomTom’s strengths and removing roadblocks potential leads faced while considering their maps and traffic data.


  • Campaign Management

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Content Creation


  • Campaign process [platforms, frequency, hashtag, key stakeholders]

  • 3x3 messaging house [3 key messages, each with 3 supporting messages]

  • Visual assets & social post copy

  • Landing page creation, KPIs, campaign measurement, tracking, and reporting


I developed the content strategy for the campaign, including identifying the target audiences, goals, and key messaging and sourcing a backlog of content to start with, including blog articles, YouTube videos, customer testimonials, and case studies. Once I identified the pieces of content that correlated to the key themes of the campaign, I drew out the most compelling points to use for our organic and paid media assets, including customer quotes and infographics.


I wrote the copy for the assets as well as the organic social media and paid ad copy and collaborated closely with our visual designer to bring the assets to life. I was also responsible for measuring, tracking and reporting on the campaign’s performance.